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SmartPhones Solutions

When you’re in need of fast, professional services rely on Yes We Do Fix Cell Phone from shattered screens to liquid damage, our trained technicians have years of experience fixing all of the most common SmartPhones issues. Whether you own. Yes We Do Fix has the tools and know-how to get your device back up and running before you know it!

  • Cracked Screen
    Phones cracked screen replacement services are both fast and affordable. In fact, a majority of smartphones screen can be completed within one business day, if not while you wait in-store.
  • Water Damage
    If your Phone is suffering from water damage, visit us. We will perform a professional diagnostic to determine the extent of the damage, clean out the device, flush out any debris and test accordingly.
  • Speaker Not Working
    If your Phone speaker is muffled, distorted, or simply producing no sound at all, you may be in need of a speaker or replacement.
  • No Signal
    When you are experiencing weak signal or no signal on your Phone, your phone could be suffering from a variety of issues including water damage, SIM card damage, or outdated software.
  • Broken Buttons
    If buttons on your Phone are malfunctioning or broken, we work quickly to fix the problem.
  • Dead Battery
    An SmartPhone battery that won’t hold its charge can put a serious damper on your productivity. We performs professional battery replacements.
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phones tablets
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When you’re in need of fast, rely on Yes We Do Fix

From liquid damage to cracked screens, Yes.We.Do.Fix provides high-quality, affordable services for every generation of SmartPhones, Tablets, Game Consoles, Computers.

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Tablets Services

You can count on our experts here at Yes We Do Fix when you need tablet service! Yes We Do Fix can help with every kind of tablet, from iPads to the Microsoft Surface. Our technicians are experienced with all kinds of tablet issues, ranging from water damage to broken buttons to cracked screens. Drop on by Yes We Do Fix today for a free estimate for any tablet service.


  • Broken Glass

  • Battery Replacement

  • Camera

  • Charging Port

  • General Solutions

  • Data Backup

  • Microphone

  • Speaker

  • Water

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Unlocked Phones

What is Phone Unlocking? A cell phone unlock code removes the carrier restriction from your GSM (SIM card capable technology) phone. This will allow you to use a single mobile phone on any worldwide network. Having an unlocked phone will allow you to use a prepaid SIM card in your destination of travel. With an unlocked cell phone, you will be able to obtain a local cell phone number and pay local rates instead of the ridiculous roaming fees that carriers charge.

Which Phones can be Unlocked? Virtually all phones can be unlocked. This includes unlocking cell phones and smart phones. Most phones with a SIM Card slot located behind the battery can be unlocked.

We can unlock devices that even your carrier cannot unlock easily, in addition to smartphones models that your carrier states cannot be unlocked. As long as your phone is listed in the network drop down section, we should have no issues unlocking it. If it is not listed, then please contact us first as we have various alternative solutions.

Why unlock your phone with Yes We Do Fix?

  • The recommended method by the phone manufacturers and network providers.
  • The simple, fast, safe and legal way to unlock your phone.
  • This method is permanent and doesn’t void your phone’s warranty
  • Continue using your phone during the unlocking process.
  • First-class customer support available 24 hours a day by telephone, chat and e-mail.
  • You will be able to use your phone with any network provider in the world.
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Web Design Services

Let's Talk about your Website

Start with us to create your new website. We are very passionate about creating a top quality customized responsive web design. A unique website for your company, Online store & ecommerce solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Web Application Development, Mobile Apps Development, Website Maintenance, Domain & Hosting. It's time to change your future on the web.

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Computer Solutions

We fix all major Laptop and Desktop Computer brands.
Is your computer broken?
At Yes We Do Fix, our technicians can solve and fix your device for several issues.



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LCD & Glass

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RAM & Hard Drive Upgrades

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Device Accesories & More

Yes We Do Fix has the latest accessories you want and the superior protection you need. With top of the line phone defender cases, life proof cases, water proof cases, screen protectors, wireless speakers, chargers, phone holders, car chargers, wireless chargers | headphones.

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Games Gadgets

If you are looking to find better-suited peripherals for your gaming style, we have a huge range of PC accessories for you to browse. With high-performance mice and keyboards as well as incredible audio function from our gaming headsets, find the best additions to your rig and gaming laptops now.

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